Added benefits of purification

Many people who go through a cleanse lose significant amounts of unwanted weight in the process.  While some purification programs do cause muscle loss, if the cleanse is done carefully, weight lost will consist solely of fat and mucus, not muscle.  In fact, it is quite possible to build lean muscle, though muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale may show less weight loss.  Either way, you will feel leaner and fitter afterwards.


In a toxic environment, the immune system struggles to fight off disease and you may get sick frequently and have trouble recovering from illness.  Cleansing your system removes the overload of toxins that inhibit the immune system and allow it to work more efficiently.


Your physical body does not exist independent of your emotional and mental states.  In fact, your thoughts and feelings have tremendous impact on your health.  When you have negative thoughts, your emotional state suffers and eventually your physical state will as well.  When you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, your emotional and physical health will both begin to improve.  The reverse is also true.  The body stores up all those negative thoughts and emotions.  When toxins are cleared away, the negativity will be cleared away with them.  

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Top things to do on Koh Phangan



Koh Phangan is a stunning natural paradise off of the coast of Thailand, which offers an abundance of things for visitors to see and do. Over two thirds of the island is covered in tropical forest, coconut fields and mountainous terrain, whilst the coastline is made up of stunning white sand beaches edging the beautiful blue ocean. Here are a few things that any visitor the island must not miss out on:


The big tree


Koh Phangan is home to an impressively huge tree, the biggest Don Yang in Thailand, which measures an incredible 14 minutes in diameter and is quite a sight to behold.


Wellnesss retreat


Ananda Wellness Resort is a lifestyle retreat that offers programs including detox, fasting, yoga and healthy eating workshops. Ideally located in a quiet, peaceful and stunning part of the island, guests will improve their health, learn many valuable healthy lifestyle tips and techniques as well as enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds them. 


Wat Khao Noi


A visit to Koh Phangan will not be complete without a trip to the island oldest temple, named Wat Khao Noi. The beautiful ancient Buddhist place of worship is made up of lots of charming old building and elegant Chedi’s. There is a statue of Buddga inside the main temple that has been there for over 300 years. 



How yoga can improve your health

Yoga in Thailand


Yoga is gaining is popularity and in locations including the islands in the south of Thailand, yoga is an important part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. It is being increasingly recognized as an effective form of exercise and as we all know exercise is a great way of improving the health of your body and heart as well as reducing fat levels and toning overall appearance. Although it is a very gentle form of exercise, in comparison to more energetic and fast paced sports, it can in fact improve your health in a number of ways.




Anyone with a basic knowledge of yoga will know one of the great benefits that can be gained is increased flexibility. Along with flexibility come muscle strength and a more toned body. After a quality yoga session, you will find that your body feels looser and of course energized and invigorated.


Reduce symptoms


There are different forms of yoga and programs can be designed in order to target and reduce the symptoms of certain health conditions. Examples of these include high blood pressure, diabetes and an over active thyroid gland. Health doesn’t only relate to physical wellness but also that of your mind and spirit and yoga is the ideal way to clear your mind and gain a greater understating of your own body and being.




Benefits of Thai Detox at Ananda Wellness Resort

The human body is like the environment where all living things depend on it to survive. When this environment is altered, then the life of all living things will definitely change. When the body is affect by germs, bacteria and viruses, then it can cause infection. A clean, active and healthy body is not susceptible to these harmful elements so every human being must achieve a clean and healthy body. It means that germs and other harmful elements will not thrive in healthy and clean body and they will only thrive in unclean and unhealthy body. If you want to stay away from sickness, then you should seek help from the best detox Thailand that you can find in Ananda Wellness Resort.

This spa and resort can offer the best vacation that you will never forget for the rest of your life. It’s not just because of its magnificent places and sceneries, but because of the healing that it can offer to your tired and wasted body. You need to know that diseases are not acquired, but it can be created as a result of unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle. You need to prevent your body from being acidic, congested and polluted with lots of toxins. If you think that your lifestyle is unhealthy, then you run the risk of destroying your organs and glands. Once you body get rid of these toxins, then that is the time when you can obtain good health.

Cells around the body depend on healthy digestive system. When healthy digestion is off, then even good food that you intake can become toxic. A Thailand retreat in Ananda Wellness Resort can resolve this problem and you can start living a healthy lifestyle. Detoxification process in this resort and spa will cleanse the whole digestive tract instead of just cleansing particular organs such as liver or colon. Join hundreds of individuals who have experience life changing result after this detoxification program.

Cheap detox in Thailand from Ananda Wellness Resort will increase the vitality and energy within the body. You will have well-functioning digestive system, gain more stamina, radiant complexion, boost immune system function, fewer blemishes, improved clarity of mind and you will experience improved health.  This is not something that you can gain overnight, but with the help of this program you can achieve good health for the rest of your life. If you need this kind of life changing experience, then you can contact Ananda Wellness Resort 16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan, Surat Thani, 84280 Thailand +66 8 1397 6280.

Thailand retreat

It is very important that you eat little by little as well as chew your food very well. By slowly chewing your food, the saliva can aid in breaking down your food. You can use spirulina with coconut juice to help you regain your energy. You can also eat the coconut flesh for fast recovery of your energy. Even right after five days, you should not overeat. It is vital that you know the amount of food that your body needs to become healthy. It will be helpful if you will drink a lot of fresh fruit juice during the five days period. These fruit juices will help in giving you additional nutrients that your body needs.

It is imperative that you make yourself aware about healthy foods to eat. It is not easy to do fasting on your own that is why Ananda Wellness Resort is there to aid people like you who wish to start a healthy new life. Ananda Thailand retreat will help you a lot and you can contact them through Ananda Wellness Resort 16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan Surat Thani, 842, Thailand +66 8 1397 6280.


Experience Quality Detox Programs in Ananda Resort

It is an important procedure to detoxify one’s body it gives the skin young appearance that has a glowing look. Ananda resort is promising to make you experience the spa treatment that will leave your whole body invigorated and a holistic rejuvenation. Thailand detox is one of a kind service that is designed to help you totally detox the body which is very natural and involves herbal products. The procedures are guided by qualified facilitators who have a broad knowledge of the best natural products to detoxify your body and remove the toxins that emanate from the living habits we have embraced and environment.

The resort offers herbal steam sauna that is an added advantage to the relaxing experience. Rejuvenation is at its maximum with a Thai massage to relax your body which is translated to the mind. The Thailand retreat is one to die for it is a total world class experience and the feeling it leaves you with is awesome and you can expect to have a mesmerizing holiday treat in Thailand. Wondering why you need to detox? The greatest health advantage you reap from a detoxing session is the body is cleansed and it improves the functioning of your bowels. The vital organ kidney is generally cleansed and the toxins that had accumulated are excreted the blood also may accumulate toxins and a detox procedure for the blood is necessary. The detox process can be done in various ways some that target specific organs; the most effective is that detox treatment that   does an overall cleansing to the digestive tract.

The environment is very serene and it creates that ambiance that will add to that relaxing feeling for your holiday. From the resort you have a view of the Thailand Island which is a beautiful spectacle where you can carry out some yoga classes. This is a resort that has all the activities you want. It is enjoyable to feel soothed and relaxed .The human labor that offers the services are highly skilled and it’s an assurance that the services are perfect. A fasting program has been designed to assist the per takers of the procedure in the removal of built –up toxins and improves their health. The fasting program does consist of detox herbal shakes that have beneficial benefit.

The Ananda resort is a haven of beauty; it is the place to experience cheap detox in Thailand.

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