Colon Cleaning – Important for Your Body’s Overall Health and Wellness


Many of us have spent decades of our lives consuming processed and refined foods in addition to the many chemical additives in the food we eat. Not to mention the pollution around us and pesticides on our crops. All these are toxic and will finally take its toll on the colon, which hampers digestion and overall body’s health. Even though, your body does a great job of detoxing itself from time to time, there’re still remnant toxins in your system and will need help to remove them, hence colon cleansing.

Here’s why you need to clean your colon:

  1. Prevention of constipation – Constipation can cause your digestive system to become sluggish, which will make waste to remain in your system longer than required. This can lead to certain irritations and conditions such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  2. Makes your digestive system more functional – When you cleanse your colon, it clears way for proper absorption of nutrients by pushing away waste through your system faster. This allows for easy passage of waste.
  3. Improvement in your concentration – Ineffective vitamin absorption and poor diet can make you lose concentration and become distracted. Even if you eat a healthy diet, the buildup of toxins and mucous in your colon can keep your body from getting what it needs to carry out its function. When you cleanse your colon with a detox diet, it will go a long way in helping you become more alert and focused.
  4. Increase energy – Undergoing colon detoxification will make for a better blood circulation and a boost in energy. This is because getting rid of toxins in your body will refocus the energy normally used to force waste through your intestines to other parts of the body where it’s need the most.

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Detox Benefits:

  1. Better Digestion and Lower Chances of Constipation

Due to constipation, the overall digestion might take a hit and vice versa. As a result of this, the waste products tend to remain in your body and due to this; you will not be able to absorb all the nutrients that is a part of your diet. Eventually, your energy levels will drop and the immune function might also go for a toss. When you detox your colon, all the undigested waste gets pushed from your system and there will be better levels of bowel regularity. When there is waste present in your body for a long time, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and good nutrition absorptions drops rapidly, leading to low energy levels and health.

  1. Better Energy Levels and Concentration

A detox will lead to improved energy levels, as not much energy will be spent by your intestines. When your nutrition levels are good, it leads to better mental health and vitamin absorption improves to a great extent, leading to better levels of concentration. The essential nutrients and vitamins will ensure that your mental health is great and your overall concentration and focus levels will rise significantly.



  1. Boost your Weight Loss

By having low fiber intake, the digestion process is inefficient and you will start feeling bloated. High fiber foods will clean your gut and cleanse the colon by flushing all the materials out of your body. This might lead to great weight loss in some individuals. Even if you are planning to lose weight, a high fiber diet can prove to be highly beneficial.

  1. Improved Colon Health

All the toxins that are present in the body get cleansed over a period of time. When you do not cleanse your colon, the toxins remain in the body and as a result, might lead to undesired consequences. When the waste is eliminated from the body, the functioning of your detox system improves, which in turn results in better digestion and better health of the gut and colon.

  1. Detoxifies your entire body

Your body has a mechanism of its own to get rid of the toxins present. However, bad lifestyle and environmental conditions might lead to an overload of toxins in the colon. When you stick to oxygen based cleaner, it cleans your colon up entirely and proves to be beneficial to the entire body as well. Oxygen is crucial to remove toxins present in the body. Hence, it is highly recommended that you drink lots of water and breathe fresh oxygen to stay healthy!

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Detox Benefits


Healthy pH levels in the bloodstream maintained

Colon is blocked by acidic foods, such as high protein diets without sufficient fiber. Due to this, malaise is caused, resulting in an inflamed colon tissue and thereby, even yeast, molds, fungus, bacteria and parasites enter the bloodstream instead of minerals, vitamins and water; resulting in an imbalanced pH level.

Improves the overall health

By getting rid of the toxins accumulated since several years, you will start feeling healthy and light, while you feel more energetic!

Yoga teacher Training & Detox Retreats


Ananda Yoga Studio

A huge 150 square meter area is designated for Ananda Yoga Studio and it is one of the largest available Yoga Studios in Thailand, where multiple programs are conducted.

Yoga for well-being

Ananda Yoga is designed to suit the needs of an individual and any problems you have such as high blood pressure, thyroid glands, pre-diabetic symptoms etc. and there are asanas designed exclusively for the different types of health conditions listed above.

All the Yoga trainers teaching at Ananda Yoga Studio are certified for over 500 hours in Yoga Alliance, thereby making sure that you are trained by the best Yoga trainers.

They will also guide you in a way such that it suits your lifestyle and habits. Yoga classes at Ananda welcomes people belonging to all diversities and we will be glad to assist you with the expert Yoga practices.

Retreats at Ananda Yoga

You can also come in for a Yoga retreat at Ananda, where we offer delicious and organic food, so that you have a short and quick detox experience in Koh Phangan located in Southern Thailand.



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Programs for Detoxification and Fasting


How useful would a detoxification program at Ananda Detox prove to be?

When you wish to keep your surroundings clean at all times, why don’t you think about your body as well? You should make sure that you clean and purify your physical body to ensure that you are spiritually and mentally well along with being physically healthy.

With the detox programs available at Ananda, the colon present in your body will be cleansed and you will feel more energetic, have lower levels of depression and any risks to potential diseases will be eliminated. As a result, the immune system is faster and the ageing process slows down when you undergo a detoxification program.

 A proven cleansing formula from several years

Since the past 9 years, thousands of people have benefitted by participating in our programs.  We help them in flushing out the harmful toxins and acids present in the body, which will help in the improved blood circulation and the participants will enjoy a better emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Now achieve a cleaner body, soul and mind

When you enroll yourself in a treatment with us, you will be able to relieve yourself and in the process, you will end up having a calmer state of mind. All negative thoughts and ideas will be eliminated when you have a clean mind. Hence, it also serves as a purifier when you attend our program, helping you evolve as a person. When you have a calm state of mind, you will also be able to take better decisions and your lifestyle will improve drastically.

Participating in the morning meditation session is absolutely free.

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Ananda Yoga Retreat


  • Morning Meditation

You can stay calm and focused throughout the day when you participate in the morning session.


  • Alignment Yoga

With alignment yoga, the mechanics of body and precision are aligned so that you will be able to experience deeper meanings of life. It also depends upon how experienced you are, so that you progress and align continuously with the larger purpose. We focus on hips, twists, arm balances, energy and backbends during this practice.


  • Hatha Flow

Therapeutic and alignment principles are focused upon in this flow. Breathing techniques and mindfulness forms the core of this class. Your mind and body will be strengthened when you participate in this.


  • QiGong

An ancient Chinese form of medicine, it focuses on coordination between posture, movement, meditation and breathing for a good health.


  • Healing Sounds

With the Six Healing Sounds, all the negative energy present in the body are eliminated, giving room for positive thoughts.

Yoga Center in Koh Phangan

We are the Unique & First Purifying Yoga Center in Koh Phangan
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Purifying Packages

Our Purifying packages will help you to get rid of damaging substances such as pollutants, toxins, venoms and acids. Annoying gatherings of secretions, liquids and obstructions in your colon will be eradicated; this will refine your digestive flow. Your mind and spirit will benefit from this purifying session, and this will reflect on your corporeal body.

Yoga Packages

Our yoga packages are taught by the best yogis. You will get the most rewarding experience from a yoga retreat on Koh Phangan. Our teachers will guide you through all steps in Yoga, from Yama to Pranayama and Meditation. After a yoga retreat in one of our programs, you will have a more profound understanding of yoga with a more solid practice.