Periodic Fasting stimulates repair processes in the cell


During the period we abstain from food, the body cells initiate a process of waste removal known as autophagy.

Basically, it is a process through which the cell breaks down as well as processing broken and worthless proteins that have built up in the cells over a long period of time.

When there is a significant increase in thee autophagy process, it often protects the body from various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer

Conclusion: Periodic fasting activates the metabolic process of autophagy which dispels cellular waste materials.

Periodic Fasting May Help in Cancer Prevention


Cancer is a killer disease, often associated with uncontrollable cellular growths. It has been proven that fasting has positive impacts on the body’s metabolism which can eventually lead to reduction in the risk of contracting cancer.

Though there is still need for further human studies, but there are encouraging evidences from the study conducted in animals which indicates that cancers may be prevented by periodic fasting.

Evidence obtained from people suffering from cancer also indicates that fasting significantly reduces the adverse effects associated with chemotherapy.

Conclusion: In studies conducted in animals, have been proven to help in preventing cancer, research conducted in people also indicates that fasting can reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy.


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Periodic fasting


Periodic fasting could be of benefit to the heart

At the moment, heart disease is one of the biggest killer diseases in the world. Various health indicators are linked with either a decreased or an increased risk of contracting heart diseases.

Periodic fasting can bring about improvement in the diverse risk factors such as blood pressure LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, inflammatory markers, blood triglycerides as well as the levels of the blood sugar.

But many of this assertions are based on studies conducted on animals, therefore there is need for further study in humans before recommendations can be made on the effect of periodic fasting on the health of the heart

Conclusion: researches have shown that periodic fasting can bring about drastic improvement in the diverse risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood triglycerides as well as inflammatory markers.

Detoxing Helps you in reducing weight


High fiber food moves at a rate four times that of foods that lack fiber, in the digestive tract. Food that lacks fiber moves slower and results in the creation of mucus in the intestinal walls, due to which the intestinal tracts fail to absorb food as they were intended to.

Hence, people start with cleansing of colon as the first step to weight loss and if reports are to be believed, people have lost as much as twenty pounds within a month after cleansing. The human colon weighs around four pounds and its capacity is equivalent to eight full meals, before the digestion process starts. Hence, by cleaning colon, your metabolism will boost and this will be a healthy idea to start your weight loss. When you clean your colon, it aids in weight loss and also keeps you focused throughout the day.

Detox Enhances Concentration

Young woman sitting on grass and drinking water

When nutrients are not getting absorbed properly or if the diet is not healthy, people tend to lose their concentration. This is mainly because there is an accumulation of toxins and mucus in the body and hence, the body fails to perform properly like it would if a healthy diet was to be followed. Hence, the colon needs to be cleansed by sticking to a detoxification plan and you will feel the difference yourself when your concentration level boosts up. This would prove to be healthy and beneficial to you in the long run.

Cleansing your colon


You can also follow some natural procedures to maintain a clean colon. Take time to visit an alternative medicine center close to you and find out how they can help you with colon-cleansing treatments.

One of the most common procedures is colon flushes. It is often said to expel chemical wastes and toxins from your colon. If you are experiencing constipation, this procedure will help you restore proper and regular bowel movements as well as bring your colon back to its healthy state. Using a wide range of mineral infusions and herbs, you can have a colon flush that suits your unique condition. Even though you can always get colon cleansing kits for self-administration, it is recommended that you consult a healthcare practitioner prior to initial treatment.


Keeping Healthy

Exercise is an integral part of your healthy colon program. More oxygen is supplied to your colon (and even the whole gastrointestinal system) when you increase blood circulation through exercise. As a result, you greatly reduce the risk of many diseases including colon cancer. You do not have to take your fitness routine to the extreme. You may engage in yoga stretching, or walking for about 10-15 minutes daily to maintain a healthy colon.

In spite of the fact that a colonoscopy is not fun to experience, it is necessary for the prevention and timely discovery of colon cancer. For older people of age 50 and above, there is a need for a colonoscopy to maintain a healthy colon. You may also consult your doctor about a colonoscopy in case you are suffering from constipation or diarrhea because these two conditions are signs that usually accompany colon and intestinal complications. By conducting a colonoscopy, your doctor can easily diagnose your condition for proper treatment.