Top things to do on Koh Phangan



Koh Phangan is a stunning natural paradise off of the coast of Thailand, which offers an abundance of things for visitors to see and do. Over two thirds of the island is covered in tropical forest, coconut fields and mountainous terrain, whilst the coastline is made up of stunning white sand beaches edging the beautiful blue ocean. Here are a few things that any visitor the island must not miss out on:


The big tree


Koh Phangan is home to an impressively huge tree, the biggest Don Yang in Thailand, which measures an incredible 14 minutes in diameter and is quite a sight to behold.


Wellnesss retreat


Ananda Wellness Resort is a lifestyle retreat that offers programs including detox, fasting, yoga and healthy eating workshops. Ideally located in a quiet, peaceful and stunning part of the island, guests will improve their health, learn many valuable healthy lifestyle tips and techniques as well as enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds them. 


Wat Khao Noi


A visit to Koh Phangan will not be complete without a trip to the island oldest temple, named Wat Khao Noi. The beautiful ancient Buddhist place of worship is made up of lots of charming old building and elegant Chedi’s. There is a statue of Buddga inside the main temple that has been there for over 300 years. 




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