Presented in a modern form, Agama is a unique international school, which endeavors to instruct its students in the spiritual path of true Integral Yoga. Agama is based on authentic, esoteric lineages of Indian and Tibetan Tantra. It presents an upgraded and updated self-development system. Theory includes comprehensive university-level Yoga teachings, which are combined along with other sacred traditions, from both the East and West. These include Sufism, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Gnostic Christianity. At the very core of our teachings are Kundalini-based Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga, creating an exceptional system. Kundalini-based Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga are two elements of this age-old tradition that are quite powerful. This method has almost been lost in the approaches used today. It relies on being aware of energy during a Yoga practice session. This produces a high degree of accurate self-understanding of spirit, mind, and body.

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