Ananda Detox Resort, Thailand


Special Health Yoga classes, which are tailored to an individual’s needs, are offered at Ananda. No matter what your condition, whether you are detoxing, have high blood pressure, fasting, have pre-diabetic symptoms, a thyroid gland issue, or any other type of condition, classes are offered with specific asanas (sitting positions) to assist you with your specific situation. You will be guided through the class by a teacher, who will gear your session to your needs and lifestyle. Focus will be on range of motion and flexibility. All types of students whether they be young or old, advanced or beginning students, or even yoga teachers, can benefit from Health Yoga.



If you are a yoga student and wish to stay at our resort, Ananda has special offers available. For those students attending the yoga courses and staying for more than 28 days, you can receive 50% off accommodations. There is also a 30% off accommodations available, to anyone taking Agama yoga or the health yoga classes, for any length of stay at Ananda.

You can send us a booking inquiry by visiting our Detox reservations page.