Is Ananda’s Detox program right for me?


Your spend time every week cleaning: your home, your hands, and your clothing… so why not also clean the inside of your body? Purifying the inside of your physical body allows you to achieve awareness of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Ananda’s detoxification and fasting programs have been proven to reduce physical weakness, states of distress and depression, and alleviate symptoms of illnesses. Detoxification can eliminate laden feelings of uncleanliness, slow the aging process, and fortify the body’s immune system.

We have been assisting our clients reach their bodily purification goals for the last seven years. We help our clients rid their body of damaging toxins, mucus deposits, and colon buildups. This process helps increase the body’s circulation impacting not only the physical state of the body, but also helps increase the emotional, mental, and spiritual state of our clients as well.

We help our clients cleanse their emotional state thereby calming mental turmoil. We help our clients eliminate negative thought patterns by realigning the connection between their thoughts and emotions. This physical-mental realignment holds the key to personal evolution.