Why Detox with us?


You may be asking yourself why should I choose Ananda Wellness Resort as my detox resort as opposed to one of the other places available.

Ananda Wellness Resort began offering detox cleanses back in January 2007. Since that time, they have developed their programs to be quite impressive. Ananda’s cleansing and detoxification programs have been utilized from more than 3000 people from all areas of the world. Swami Vivekanda Saraswati, the founder of Agama Yoga School, Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc MD, and Sahajananda all have utilized our programs.

Our detoxification program has been designed in a way that will give you the greatest benefits and results for your overall health and wellness. Only the highest quality of herbs and cleansing products are used. Here in Thailand, we are distributors of Colema Boards® of California, along with Arise and Shine herbs. Our detox programs have integrated these products into the system. Your daily personal sessions will take place in our custom-designed private colema rooms. All preparations for your colema session are prepared by our staff; of course, they also perform all cleaning afterwards. This allows you to keep your focus on the cleansing process with very little effort. There are a variety of activities available for you to schedule and use between juices and nutritional supplements. You might wish to take some time relaxing in our Herbal steam sauna, or perhaps spend time in the saltwater swimming pool. Yoga classes are available to help you throughout the entire purification process, and the daily massage focuses on aiding in the colonic detox process. All of the water we use is filtered twice by use of a reverse osmosis filtration system. We also treat it with ozone. In order to remove all impurities, our drinking/colonic water is tripled filtered. All of your cleansing and fasting needs will personally be seen to by our dedicated staff.

You will be able to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Koh Phangan while staying at the Ananda Wellness Resort, set within this tranquil and quiet bay of Thailand. The overall environment is not only calm and peaceful but also healing and relaxing.

Villy and Vangelis take exceptional care with all their detox clients; they are always treated gently and given their full attention. All details are taken care of by the staff, enabling you to concentrate on your cleansing as you relax and avail yourself of the healing process. Assistance and consultation is always available when needed; we are here to serve you.