Yoga & Detox with Ananda


Specials for Yoga Students

For students who wish to stay at the Ananda resort we offer a special discount. If you plan on staying with Ananda for more than four nights and are taking any of our Agama yoga courses or health yoga classes, we offer a 30% discount on accommodations. You can find more information on our reservations page, where you can also send us your booking inquiry.


Our System

We utilize a holistic approach for your life and health enhancement. There are several programs available to help with your spirit, mind, and body. In order for your body to have optimum health, it is only natural that your bloodstream must be pure in order to provide proper nourishment. Our programs have been designed to supply your body with the exact components needed to be healthy; they provide not only perfect nutrition but perfect elimination as well.

Our Cleansing Fast programs and Detoxification programs use a system that has been proven over time. It utilizes a combination of Colemas, Therapeutic Fasting, the highest quality herbal supplements (from “Arise and Shine” USA), cleansing and detoxing products (Bentonite and Psyllium husk), along with other traditional methods, including Thai massage, and an herbal steam room, in order to eliminate unwanted waste and toxins from your body.