Is Ananda’s Detox® purification program right for me?


The physical bodies of a great many people have been purified on the inside, over the last seven years at our facility. The procedures used in our detoxing programs help to rid the body of harmful toxins and acids, while cleaning out accumulations of unwanted mucus, helping them to remove blockages, and generally create an improvement in circulation. The result of this cleansing is a positive impact, not just to their physical bodies, but also to their mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

When people use these treatments to purify their emotional nature, they naturally calm the agitation within their mind. Negative thoughts are eliminated as well as negative ideas during this process. This occurs as the person’s emotional well-being is elevated. The ideas and thoughts of a person are extremely powerful and contribute to one’s emotional state, so naturally when one’s emotional well-being is purified, the mind will be purified as well. For this reason, there is a great deal of importance to having one’s physical body purified.

There is an ancient Greek proverb “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” which is the inspiration for Ananda’s Transformation Programs.

We have two types of accommodations offered here at Ananda. Guests staying with us are able to choose either one of our bungalows or, if they prefer, they may choose one of our standard fan rooms. Included in all of our accommodations, you will find our complementary herbal steam sauna, Wi-Fi, and our saltwater swimming pool which, of course, is chlorine-free. Each of our units also has a private bathroom, a hammock on the balcony, and hot water.

There are fans in each of our standard rooms; a refrigerator and air-conditioning is included in our bungalows. There are fantastic views of the National Marine Park and the Gulf of Thailand from all of our elevated bungalows.