Keeping Healthy

Exercise is an integral part of your healthy colon program. More oxygen is supplied to your colon (and even the whole gastrointestinal system) when you increase blood circulation through exercise. As a result, you greatly reduce the risk of many diseases including colon cancer. You do not have to take your fitness routine to the extreme. You may engage in yoga stretching, or walking for about 10-15 minutes daily to maintain a healthy colon.

In spite of the fact that a colonoscopy is not fun to experience, it is necessary for the prevention and timely discovery of colon cancer. For older people of age 50 and above, there is a need for a colonoscopy to maintain a healthy colon. You may also consult your doctor about a colonoscopy in case you are suffering from constipation or diarrhea because these two conditions are signs that usually accompany colon and intestinal complications. By conducting a colonoscopy, your doctor can easily diagnose your condition for proper treatment.