Ananda Yoga Retreat


  • Morning Meditation

You can stay calm and focused throughout the day when you participate in the morning session.


  • Alignment Yoga

With alignment yoga, the mechanics of body and precision are aligned so that you will be able to experience deeper meanings of life. It also depends upon how experienced you are, so that you progress and align continuously with the larger purpose. We focus on hips, twists, arm balances, energy and backbends during this practice.


  • Hatha Flow

Therapeutic and alignment principles are focused upon in this flow. Breathing techniques and mindfulness forms the core of this class. Your mind and body will be strengthened when you participate in this.


  • QiGong

An ancient Chinese form of medicine, it focuses on coordination between posture, movement, meditation and breathing for a good health.


  • Healing Sounds

With the Six Healing Sounds, all the negative energy present in the body are eliminated, giving room for positive thoughts.