Programs for Detoxification and Fasting


How useful would a detoxification program at Ananda Detox prove to be?

When you wish to keep your surroundings clean at all times, why don’t you think about your body as well? You should make sure that you clean and purify your physical body to ensure that you are spiritually and mentally well along with being physically healthy.

With the detox programs available at Ananda, the colon present in your body will be cleansed and you will feel more energetic, have lower levels of depression and any risks to potential diseases will be eliminated. As a result, the immune system is faster and the ageing process slows down when you undergo a detoxification program.

 A proven cleansing formula from several years

Since the past 9 years, thousands of people have benefitted by participating in our programs.  We help them in flushing out the harmful toxins and acids present in the body, which will help in the improved blood circulation and the participants will enjoy a better emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Now achieve a cleaner body, soul and mind

When you enroll yourself in a treatment with us, you will be able to relieve yourself and in the process, you will end up having a calmer state of mind. All negative thoughts and ideas will be eliminated when you have a clean mind. Hence, it also serves as a purifier when you attend our program, helping you evolve as a person. When you have a calm state of mind, you will also be able to take better decisions and your lifestyle will improve drastically.

Participating in the morning meditation session is absolutely free.

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