Yoga teacher Training & Detox Retreats


Ananda Yoga Studio

A huge 150 square meter area is designated for Ananda Yoga Studio and it is one of the largest available Yoga Studios in Thailand, where multiple programs are conducted.

Yoga for well-being

Ananda Yoga is designed to suit the needs of an individual and any problems you have such as high blood pressure, thyroid glands, pre-diabetic symptoms etc. and there are asanas designed exclusively for the different types of health conditions listed above.

All the Yoga trainers teaching at Ananda Yoga Studio are certified for over 500 hours in Yoga Alliance, thereby making sure that you are trained by the best Yoga trainers.

They will also guide you in a way such that it suits your lifestyle and habits. Yoga classes at Ananda welcomes people belonging to all diversities and we will be glad to assist you with the expert Yoga practices.

Retreats at Ananda Yoga

You can also come in for a Yoga retreat at Ananda, where we offer delicious and organic food, so that you have a short and quick detox experience in Koh Phangan located in Southern Thailand.



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