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Join our Yoga TTC in Koh Phangan, Thailand, also experience a Detox at our resort as part of your journey.



Detox Benefits:

  1. Better Digestion and Lower Chances of Constipation

Due to constipation, the overall digestion might take a hit and vice versa. As a result of this, the waste products tend to remain in your body and due to this; you will not be able to absorb all the nutrients that is a part of your diet. Eventually, your energy levels will drop and the immune function might also go for a toss. When you detox your colon, all the undigested waste gets pushed from your system and there will be better levels of bowel regularity. When there is waste present in your body for a long time, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and good nutrition absorptions drops rapidly, leading to low energy levels and health.

  1. Better Energy Levels and Concentration

A detox will lead to improved energy levels, as not much energy will be spent by your intestines. When your nutrition levels are good, it leads to better mental health and vitamin absorption improves to a great extent, leading to better levels of concentration. The essential nutrients and vitamins will ensure that your mental health is great and your overall concentration and focus levels will rise significantly.



  1. Boost your Weight Loss

By having low fiber intake, the digestion process is inefficient and you will start feeling bloated. High fiber foods will clean your gut and cleanse the colon by flushing all the materials out of your body. This might lead to great weight loss in some individuals. Even if you are planning to lose weight, a high fiber diet can prove to be highly beneficial.

  1. Improved Colon Health

All the toxins that are present in the body get cleansed over a period of time. When you do not cleanse your colon, the toxins remain in the body and as a result, might lead to undesired consequences. When the waste is eliminated from the body, the functioning of your detox system improves, which in turn results in better digestion and better health of the gut and colon.

  1. Detoxifies your entire body

Your body has a mechanism of its own to get rid of the toxins present. However, bad lifestyle and environmental conditions might lead to an overload of toxins in the colon. When you stick to oxygen based cleaner, it cleans your colon up entirely and proves to be beneficial to the entire body as well. Oxygen is crucial to remove toxins present in the body. Hence, it is highly recommended that you drink lots of water and breathe fresh oxygen to stay healthy!

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Yoga TTC, Koh Phangan, Thailand