Ananda Resort Packages & Facilities

Healthy Recovery Packages

Food for yogis is our area of expertise. Our cooks are fair aware of a yogi’s need. Health is also a major concern in our kitchens. You will get just quality vegetables and a wide assortment of dishes for vegans and vegetarians. We even have a selection of special choices on our international menu.



Thai Reflexology –Steam bath with Herbs – Salty Swimming Pool: A healing experience with therapeutic uses, energizing, comforting and soothing steaming bath with herbs, the value of salty mineral water full of negative ions when  you are swimming; we have taken care of carefully purifying the pool for you with special filters to keep it free of chlorine, furthermore….

Our programs are specially designed to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.

In a remote place of Koh Phangan Island, you can find our all-inclusive Purifying Resort, right next to the sea in a silent and relaxing place.

To visit our Resort will benefit your strength, vigour, health, body and peace of mind. We anticipate your visit to be a wise investment.

Our various packages to improve your yoga practice. Purify your body and revitalise your spirits are an investment for life.

Our facilities are designed to make a profound change in your health and habits in the long term, even after leaving our resort.

We have an attractive list of amenities and activities as part of the purifying packages we have designed for you. These are also available outside our programs and include:

Yoga Room,
Massage Cabins,
Steam bath
and Salty Swimming Pool (chlorine free).

  • Purifying Lodgings

We have designed the best Purifying program in Koh Phangan. Our program seats are limited, reserve today!

  • Yoga Packages

We are about to start one of our weekly yoga retreats. Ask how to organise your accommodation. We can help.


Cathartic and Abstaining Programs


Do I need a cathartic and abstaining program?

Cleaning is part of your life. Just look around and you will find yourself taking a shower, sweeping and washing clothes. If you take the time to clean all these, why wouldn’t you clean your mind, spirit and physical body? To clean and purify your physical body, along with your mind and spirit is essential to keep a healthy spirit, clear mind, strong body and emotional wellness.

Our cathartic and abstaining programs have demonstrated the means to improve your physical vigour by cleaning your body. Other benefits include less stress, depression and improved health. You will feel lighter and clean. Your age process will slow down. And last but not least, you will strengthen your immune system.

We will share with our Know-how

9 years of experience are behind us. During this time we have helped lots of people to purify their bodies, minds and spirits. Our techniques can help you to get rid of damaging substances, annoying gatherings of secretions, liquids and obstructions in your colon to refine your digestive flow. This purification will have a positive impact on your body as well as your mind, spirit and emotional state.

Clean your mind, body and soul

By following one of our programs, you will gain purification of your sensitive nature. Purification will give peace and serenity to your mind. You will eliminate all harmful and destructive toughs by the acknowledgement of your personal emotions. While you purify your emotions, you will be purifying your mind. The process will be reflected in your evolution as a person.

Keep your Colon Healthy

health-wellness-thailandDon’t hold it

Whenever you feel an urge to visit the toilet, do not hesitate to go there and let it go. An attempt to hold it any longer may result in the release of toxic substances from the fecal matter into your system, which in some cases results into IBS and diverticulosis. Through regular bowel movements, the colon can maintain a clean and healthy environment.


Toxins easily build up when there is an insufficient amount of water in the body. Accumulation of these toxins also increases the risk of bloating, IBS, constipation, gas, and fatigue. You need ample amount of water to keep your body cleansed on daily basis (eight eight-ounce glasses is recommended)

Periodic Fasting stimulates repair processes in the cell


During the period we abstain from food, the body cells initiate a process of waste removal known as autophagy.

Basically, it is a process through which the cell breaks down as well as processing broken and worthless proteins that have built up in the cells over a long period of time.

When there is a significant increase in thee autophagy process, it often protects the body from various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer

Conclusion: Periodic fasting activates the metabolic process of autophagy which dispels cellular waste materials.

Periodic Fasting May Help in Cancer Prevention


Cancer is a killer disease, often associated with uncontrollable cellular growths. It has been proven that fasting has positive impacts on the body’s metabolism which can eventually lead to reduction in the risk of contracting cancer.

Though there is still need for further human studies, but there are encouraging evidences from the study conducted in animals which indicates that cancers may be prevented by periodic fasting.

Evidence obtained from people suffering from cancer also indicates that fasting significantly reduces the adverse effects associated with chemotherapy.

Conclusion: In studies conducted in animals, have been proven to help in preventing cancer, research conducted in people also indicates that fasting can reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy.


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Periodic fasting


Periodic fasting could be of benefit to the heart

At the moment, heart disease is one of the biggest killer diseases in the world. Various health indicators are linked with either a decreased or an increased risk of contracting heart diseases.

Periodic fasting can bring about improvement in the diverse risk factors such as blood pressure LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, inflammatory markers, blood triglycerides as well as the levels of the blood sugar.

But many of this assertions are based on studies conducted on animals, therefore there is need for further study in humans before recommendations can be made on the effect of periodic fasting on the health of the heart

Conclusion: researches have shown that periodic fasting can bring about drastic improvement in the diverse risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood triglycerides as well as inflammatory markers.

Detoxing Helps you in reducing weight


High fiber food moves at a rate four times that of foods that lack fiber, in the digestive tract. Food that lacks fiber moves slower and results in the creation of mucus in the intestinal walls, due to which the intestinal tracts fail to absorb food as they were intended to.

Hence, people start with cleansing of colon as the first step to weight loss and if reports are to be believed, people have lost as much as twenty pounds within a month after cleansing. The human colon weighs around four pounds and its capacity is equivalent to eight full meals, before the digestion process starts. Hence, by cleaning colon, your metabolism will boost and this will be a healthy idea to start your weight loss. When you clean your colon, it aids in weight loss and also keeps you focused throughout the day.